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December 24, 2012
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Applejack's Deal by FlavinBagel Applejack's Deal by FlavinBagel
I am a horrible, horrible person. Poor Spiderman Applejack.

MLP copyright Hasbro and Hub logo copyright the Hub like duh also the Discovery Network I think
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axalona Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, seems like she'll stay a background pony forever. :iconeveryponyshrugplz:
spogo Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Datz just cold.
gregeyman555 Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dat Face, lol
Ok that's just mean 
why not granny smith
FlavinBagel Sep 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
She ain't no parent! Grandparent. That's different.
angelic20 Sep 13, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
:iconjappleackplz: :iconsay3plz: DONT YOU F***ING MESS WITH APPLEJACK
Chrismilesprower Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Damnit Hub! You and your evilish twist. Where Dan when you need him?
You evil bastard... I love it! xD
Applejack starts to cry as the Evil Hub Executive laughs while grabbing a small bottle labeled, Sad Pony Tears.  When suddenly the space near them starts to warp and wabble.  Out of a small hole torn in the fabric of space and time, pops Pinkie Pie striking a heroic pose.

"Who the hell are you?  Your not Pinkie Pie!  She is down the hall in the office under a desk begging for more Discord episodes."  The corporate fat-cat points at her still shocked from the suddenly amazing special effect filled entrance.

"I am Fan-Made Gypsy Pinkie Pie!"  She turns her head to look at the door, "As for the original Pinkie.  I will have to do something about that later."  She jumps over and puts her hoof around tear filled AJ.  "Right now I am here to help AJ defeat you, you big mean meany pants."

"Bwahahahahaha!  How can you help?  You have no power here.  Your just some silly imaginary Pinkie made by some sniviling brony who will probably buy more of our toys and never take action to get what he really wants from this show.  They never do.  Wahahahaha!"  The Executive sits back down while he pulls out a large cigar and lights it blowing smoke at Pinkie.

*Cough*  "That's what you think.  Do you even know what your, so called, sniveling bronies are making out there?  I dare say they are making stories, art and imaginative versions of all us ponies that you could never dream of making."  Pinky lifts her head up proud of her birth.

"Bah!  Who has time to look at you stupid little drawings.  I have all this money to count on the back of naked ponies."  He presses a button and out walks Lyra in funny looking lingerie and to much make up.  She walks over to the desk and straightens out her back as he starts to count large bills on her back.

" promised I.... I would get hands in the next episode."  She looks up with a sad and ashamed face at what she is doing now.

"Why yes, you will.  In *Equestria Girls 2:  Friendship means I OWN YOUR HIDE*, Bwhahahaha!"  Lyra starts to cry as he continues to count.

"Your a monster and.... "  Pinkie pauses for a moment.  "All ponies are naked anyway so I don't get the allure of counting money on their backs."

"What ever.  Do what your going to do and leave.  I am a busy man.  I have Celestia waiting in the next room for her chance to beg for a better role."

"Fine, I gave you a chance.  Time to stop you.  By abiding by your very own CONTRACT!"  She waves her hands over towards the portal and out pops an orange mare and a red stallion.  On there flanks they bare apple based cutie marks and the mare is wearing a hat just like AJ's.

"Mama!  Paw!"  AJ runs over to the two as they all hug each other.  "But how is possible?  You both died in that horrible, horrible war-accident-wonderbolt-ninja death battle.... thing." AJ scratches her head not sure which death was the right one but she does not care as her parents are alive again.

"Oh sugar!  Pinkie pulled us out of limbo after we just died.  Her strange gypsy powers brought us back to life."  Her mother holds AJ tight as they both cry.

Her father stands to his feet and looks at the executive with a glare.  "She showed us everything with here crystal ball.  So we are here to help you with all our power, as your parents."  He walks over to the desks looking at the still stunned executive as he reach up and grabs a pen.  He then signs the bottom of the contract.

The executive reaches down with a quivering hand as he pulls the paper up to see the contract signed.  "No... no how is this possible.  HOW DID YOU DO THIS?"  He points towards were Pinkie was standing but she is suddenly gone.

Pinkie appears right next to him in an instandly and starts to rub his bald head.  "Why simple chrome dome baldy pants.  Temperal Loop Hole!"  She then tosses down a tape deck that starts playing an 80's show stopping song as she high fives Lyra's new hand.



There!  Take that Corporate Power!  HAHAHAHA!  ;P

This was a fun comic.  Thanks for sharing it with us all.  :D
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